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Anonymous said: What ever happened to that zosha chick you were in hate with?

whatever happened to her? it’s been less than a year. she’s probably still in high school and doing her thing in minnesota. i don’t know. ask her.

porcelainash replied to your post: Hey mega-dose, I’m fucking you, right?
Cool. So, be here naked. Like, now.

like now, but not actually now?

porcelainash said: Hey mega-dose, I'm fucking you, right?

that’s what i hear.

porcelainash said: Why am I not in your bed, getting kisses and junk?

because you were like, “i’m monet and i have to leave on a train so i can make pizzas and not see you ever but here, imma make your bed smell like me lol k bye”


mega-does aka Frank 


my beau. 


Anonymous said: You're one of the most handsome men I've ever laid eyes on.

speaking of laid..

Anonymous said: shitty things

thitty shings.

21 years